What are the Fun Uses of Frozen Fruits?

Frozen fruit is deemed incredibly nutritious and infinitely versatile when it comes to sweet and savory dishes. We have listed some of the fun ways of using frozen fruits. Read on.

  1. Barbecue Sauce

Simmer the frozen food with a tad bit amount of ketchup, liquid smoke, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, ground cumin, reduced sodium soy sauce, ground cumin, and chili powder. You can also add chicken broth if you want and eliminate the mixture until it reaches a consistency like barbecue sauce.

  1. Sorbet and Sherbet

Puree the frozen fruit in a blender or a food processor with enough orange juice for sorbet making purposes or fat free milk for sherbet making purposes in order to make a smooth puree. Freeze it until it becomes firm. Puree it again in a food processor just before you serve it to the guests.

  1. Punch (Regular or Spiked)

You can add frozen fruit to your favorite lemonade or limeade. For a cocktail version, you can add vodka to it. In order to make sangria, add the frozen fruit to the red wine and add a little seltzer if you want to.

  1. Smoothies

Combine the frozen fruit in a blender with milk, yogurt or orange juice, then blend it in a blender until it becomes smooth. You do not require ice, as it will make a nice and concentrated smoothie.

  1. Savory Sauces

Simmer the frozen food with the sautéed onions and garlic and then add the dried herbs such as oregano, chili powder, thyme, coriander, and curry powder. Then, add red wine or chicken broth and then simmer it until the liquid fades away. Add the fresh parsley, basil or chives just before serving it away.

  1. Empanadas

Cut 2 refrigerated piecrusts into 4 equal pieces each. Make sure you cut them around 9 inches. Organize the thawed frozen fruit on the center of 4 of the pieces. Top it with the remaining 4 pieces of the piecrust and then pinch the edges together in order to seal them. Transfer it to a baking sheet and then bake it at 400 degrees for at least 10 to 15 minutes until it turns golden brown. Sift the confectioner’s sugar over the top before you serve it away.

  1. Cream Cheese Tarts

With the confectioners’ sugar, lightly sweeten the light cream cheese and fold in the thawed frozen fruit. Spoon the mixture into mini phyllo shells. Thaw them before using.

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Post Author: Vincent Zebadiah