Uncommon Methods to Cooking Chicken

Chicken is probably probably the most eaten meat around the globe because of its affordable nature, wide availability and flexibility of preparing. Area of the chicken family including Poultry, Cornish game hens, Duck along with other wild or domesticated wild birds, Chicken is probably the most popular and consumed of wild birds.

Chicken can frequently be bought whole or reduce specific segments for example whole legs, thighs, drumsticks, split breast or probably the most popular cuts, boneless skinless breast. You should observe that the greater processing the chicken experiences before buying it, the greater costly it will likely be.

By itself, chicken is a reasonably bland meat that should be seasoned in some manner just before cooking to boost the taste from the finished dish. There are many methods to achieve this including:


Soaking Marinades

Injected Marinades

Dry Seasoning Rubs

Let us take a look at all these methods in depth.


Brining is a technique that typically includes soaking the chicken entirely or parts, inside a heavily salted water solution. By brining the chicken it tenderizes the meat and may frequently increase the moisture towards the meat stopping it from drying to rapidly when cooked. Brines is often as fundamental as 1 gallon water to at least one cup of salt or additional ingredients can be included to boost the flavor from the meat. My personal favorite brine includes 3 parts water, 1 part apple cider vinegar treatment, 1 cup salt as well as other seasonings for example garlic clove, onion, Italian or Cajun seasoning mixes with respect to the kind of flavor I am searching for within the finished dish. In either case, when brining chicken it is best to let it soak fully immersed within the brine solution not less than 4 hrs just before cooking.


Much like brining, marinating chicken can tenderize and boost the flavor considerably. Generally, brining can be used for whole chicken where marinades are utilized on chicken pieces (except for injected marinades). There are lots of pre-prepared marinades offered at any nearby grocer or constitute your own house made marinade. These usually contain a combination of oil, vinegar, sugar and seasonings. Our favorite and simple enough marinades includes essential olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, garlic clove and Italian seasoning. To marinade chicken pieces simply place these questions plastic zip lock bag, pour within the mixed marinade and permit to absorb the fridge for just two-24 hrs. (The more it marinades the greater flavor you’ll have). If using whole chicken and you need to get adventurous, make use of a marinade injector (just like a large needle and syringe) to inject the marinade into the meat at various points.

Dry Rubs

This process of flavor enhancing is usually used when frying or grilling chicken. Dry rubs simply mean coating the outdoors from the chicken with some form of dry seasoning mix composed of Salt, pepper as well as other seasonings and allowing the chicken to relax for 30-an hour just before cooking. Most frequently, this process is adopted by basting with some form of sauce throughout the cooking tactic to avoid the meat from losing a lot of natural juices.

Post Author: Vincent Zebadiah